We are providing our clients with highly integrated effective solutions to their daily business problems.

Long years of working in the construction business and being exposed to massive and various problems throughout the different phases of several projects, the idea of INSIDER 360 stemmed. Putting an end to considerable failure costs exhausting many firms, resulting from miscommunications, lack of follow-up and lack of problem tracking and many others,has become a must, INSIDER 360 is developed by a highly qualified expert team aiming to suit only construction business.INSIDER 360 goes into details INSIDE a certain business and keeps anyone all time connected to every detail around this business from any angle, throughout several accessibility techniques, INSIDER 360 keeps you INSIDE your project all around it.
This is what we do best

Materials Coordination

Track control and coordinate your Goods step by step, and get instant full report, anywhere and anytime.

Tracking Procurement

Create your own dynamic procurement catalogue with all technical details, following up your Goods documentation, updated status and accurate prices.

Tracking Purchasing

Create your own vendors list which is specially related to your own consumed Goods scope, and track all your vendors processes during project life cycle.


Full monitoring and control to your main or sub warehouses anywhere anytime, supported with a full accurate logical system, which is previously in synchronisation with all other stakeholders.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide our clients with highly effective solutions to their daily business problems, to minimize error throughout any project steps, to stay all-time connected to their business and to maintain a sustainable service for them, through a user-friendly, flexible and detailed-focusing software INSIDER 360.
Our Philosphy
Our philosophy is to create an integrated, efficient and user friendly solution that enables all stakeholders’ remains connected to their daily business on the spot, through well organized, smart, accurate and live ENDLESS DETAILS... .

Listening to
your needs

Clients needs its our priorities.


Keeping our clients always INSIDE... .

our brains

Sharing thoughts, brainstorming with our clients.


Using the logical, easier and the shortest steps to reach targets.


Customer impression and satisfaction is our real prize.

Solutions we’ve provide
1. Material and Assets Tracking

INSIDER 360 provides you a full tracking module to all your material documentation, order quantities, ordered by whom, order date, order status and delivery status. The system assists you to follow up your materials flow and traffic through several logical stages and gathering information from all other parties instantly.

2.Purchasing Tracking

INSIDER 360 Purchasing process elements is one of the major stages at materials life cycle, different suppliers, prices variations, quality and previous history per each item or even suppliers log. INSIDER 360 derives data flow through strong and logical chain network helping your purchasing team to organize and track all process stages.

3.Procurement Catalogue

INSIDER 360 helps your procurement team to gather a full detailed and actual materials catalogue thought regular work process. Your procurement team will be able to follow and track all requested actual material instantly of real world results. This stage is considered as a personal assistant to your procurement team at all present and future deals and negotiations through actual data supporting method.

4.Inventory Management

INSIDER 360 allows all concerning parties to be always connected to inventory status through a logical and easy methods. Your store team in charge will have full control over all materials deliveries to store or send it out to site. Our solution gives your company full control over all your inventory process, instant, accurate, summarized and actual data.
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